Mid S Builders, BETHESDA MD 20814

Mid S Builders LLC



Mid S Builders mission is to be an affordable provider of value-added solutions to our customers; to provide a secure and career-oriented environment for our employees; while still providing a fair and equitable return to our shareholders, all with truth, fairness and integrity.

At Mid S Builders, we are “restoring more than property” – rebuilding homes and businesses destroyed by devastating losses. We are restoring pride in communities while helping those displaced people with care, kindness, at reasonable prices. We are restoring hope by making progress every day without breaking peoples wallets.

The Mid S Builders Promise:

We strive to do our very best, every time, to ensure your best interest is always at the forefront, to stand behind our word and to give you our all – with a guaranteed warranty that gives our customers a sense of relief and confidence back in their biggest investment.

Environmental Responsibility:

All the Mid S Builders Holdings, Inc. companies accept a special obligation to the environment and its protection. For this reason, we always apply the most environmentally-friendly and lowest-impact restoration methods available. Our companies comply with all national and international environmental protection laws.

In addition, Mid S Builders is committed to developing ways in which we can perform our business in a more sustainable manner.



Corporate Social Responsibility:

Mid S Builders leaders expect and encourage offices to support and give back to the communities in which they serve. Charitable causes vary greatly – from stocking local food banks to safety awareness campaigns to renovating properties for those in need.